Board of Public Works

Originally created as a three member board in 1936, today the five member Board Of Public Works establishes the policies, which govern the operations of Hastings Utilities.

During the hard times of the depression, local citizens decided that the utilities' departments should provide cost based services, without benefit of tax dollars. The Board was instructed to run the utility departments like a business. The board sets policies that effect day-to-day operations and recommends to the city council such things as rates to be charged, and the budget for the various departments.

Today, board members are appointed by the mayor, with the approval of the city council. Board terms, for the five members, are five years in length. One board position per year, barring unforeseen circumstances, is up for re-appointment or re-assignment. Final approval rests with the mayor and the council.

The current board members are:

  • Charles Shoemaker (Board chair), appointed on 7/2/05, reappointed in 2010, re-appointed in 2015. His term will expire in 2020.
  • Vacant, term expires in 2018.
  • Willis Hunt, appointed on 7/01/06, reappointed in 2011. His term expires in 2016.
  • Jeanette Dewalt, appointed on 7/13/09, reappointed in 2014. Her term expires in 2019.
  • Jeff Kully, appointed on 1/1/13. His term will expire in 2017.